Is Bayview Christian School Affordable?

Enrolling your child in a private school is the single most important decision you will make for his or her education, and we understand the financial implications of doing so. That is why Bayview Christian School is pleased to offer discounts and tuition assistance to qualifying families. We believe if God has placed in your heart the desire for a Christian education for your child, it is our job to help make that desire a reality. We can do so because of the unbelievable generosity of our partners and donors who see the benefit of a Biblical worldview gained through Christian education and want to partner with us to make tuition at BCS affordable.

Committing to BCS is a long-term investment in your child’s educational and spiritual development, kindergarten through graduation. While we stand ready and willing to assist qualifying families, we also expect you to exercise good stewardship and conscientiously pursue other means of paying tuition, such as additional employment, savings, help from extended family members, reduction in non-essential expenses, etc., before asking the school for assistance.

  • Does BCS offer discounts?


    Multi-Child Discounts:

    First Child: Full tuition

    Second Child: $300 discount per year

    Third Child: $600 discount per year

    Fourth Child: $900 discount per year

    Fifth Child: Free

    Pre-Payment Discount:

    Pay your entire school bill by the first week of August, and take 5% off your tuition!

    The administration does not recommend this discount to new families to our school, because prepayment is non-refundable.

    Bayview Baptist Church Tithing Member Discount

    Discount is 10% off tuition costs.

    There is no fee to apply.

    Application for this discount is annual. Please reference the current school year’s fee sheet for application deadline.

    Membership and tithing records will be verified by Bayview Baptist Church.

    Referral Discount

    Save $300 off your 2024-2025 school bill when you refer a family who stays the entire 2023-2024 school year and pays their bill!

  • Does BCS offer tuition assistance?


    Bayview Christian School is a proud member of the Cornerstone Educational Scholarship, sponsored by Mountaire Farms!

    This scholarship is based on federal poverty guidelines, and can cover up to 75% of your tuition costs!

    Apply online for the 2024-2025 school year today:

    Valid only for new enrollments and existing scholarship families.